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General conditions - L'Orée de Bomal




  The general conditions are accepted as they are defined below by paying the advance. The agreement states the maximum number of persons admitted to the accommodation. All properties are NO SMOKING and pets are NOT allowed. If this is not respected, a penalty fee of € 350 will be calculated.
The agreement may not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances, nor may the place of residence be sublet.

You can enter the accommodation from 5:00 P.M. on the day of arrival as stated in the agreement. The guests must leave the house the latest at 10:00 A.M. on the day of departure as stated in the agreement.

Weekend: from Friday 5:00 P.M. until Monday 10:00 A.M.
Week: from Friday 5:00 P.M. until Friday 10:00 A.M.
Week: from Monday 5:00 P.M. until Monday 10:00 A.M.
Midweek: from Monday 5:00 P.M. until Friday 10:00 A.M.

Low season: from January until June and from September until December, with exception of School holidays
High season: all School holidays and special weekends



2.1. Bed linen: These are not provided in the lodging expenses of the accommodation.
If you want to bring your bed linen yourself, you have to provide the following : fitted sheet (90x200 cm), pillow slip (60x60 cm) and duvet cover (140x200 cm). For hygienic reasons sleeping bags are prohibited! In no case may the beds be used without extra bed linen. When the beds are used without linen, the cleaning cost will be charged for the pillow, duvet and mattress protector. You also have the possibility to use a bed linen package consisting of a fitted sheet, one pillow slip and a duvet cover : 8,00 €/package.
2.2. Bath linen: These are not provided in the lodging expenses of the accommodation.
You also have the possibility to use a bath linen package consisting of a bath sheet, a bath towel, a towel and a washcloth: 7,00 €/package.
2.3. Kitchen linen: These are not provided in the lodging expenses of the accommodation.
You also have the possibility to use kitchen linen : 1,00 €/piece.



  The various costs are not included in the lodging expenses. These costs can be settled in 2 ways: according to consumption or all in.


According to consumption

3.1. The energy consumption is determined by meter readings on arrival and departure :
  • electricity: 0,30 €/kWh
  • water: 6,00 €/m
3.2. The cost for final cleaning (the amount can be found in the description of each house): 70,00 € - 90,00 € - 110,00 € depending on the chosen accommodation.
However there will be charged additional fees for :
  • dirty dishes: 30,00 €/working hour
  • cleaning kitchen appliances: 30,00 €/working hour
3.3. The municipal tourist taxes: 1,00 €/night/person
3.4. The contribution for waste treatment : 4,00 € - 7,00 € - 7,50 €/night depending on the chosen accommodation
3.5. The used bags of kindling with firelighters (4 kg): 5,00 €/bag
3.6. The used bags of wood (13 à 14 wood logs): 6,00 €/bag
3.7. The used bags of charcoal: 5,50 €/bag
3.8. The used dish-sets : 5,00 €/set
3.9. The used bottles of aromatic fragrances : 2,50 €/bottle
3.10. The NGI maps taken along: 2,50 € - 7,00 € - 8,00 €/piece


All in

3.11. All in price/night : WITHOUT lodging expenses - WITHOUT warranty - WITHOUT bed- and bath linen
Summer = from May until September / Winter = from October until April
  • Cottages Le Saphir/ L’Emeraude : summer = 70 € + 34 €/p.n. - winter = 70 € + 44 €/p.n.
  • Cottages La Cornaline/L’Opale : summer = 90 € + 59 €/p.n. - winter = 90 € + 69 €/p.n.
  • Cottages La Topaze/Le Jade : summer = 110 € + 63 €/p.n. - winter = 110 € + 73 €/p.n.

  • Included in the price
    - Final cleaning
    - Electricity
    - Water
    - Municipal tourist taxes
    - Contribution for waste treatment
    - Kindling
    - Wood
    - Charcoal
    - Dish set
    - Aromatic fragrances
    - Use kitchen linen



    4.1. All damage to or loss of the kitchen equipment will be charged to the renter according to the prices listed on the inventory.
    4.2. Any damage or loss of linen will be calculated in the settlement of the various costs :
    • pillow: 9,50 €/piece
    • cleaning pillow: 5 €/piece
    • mattress protector: 24,00 €/piece
    • cleaning mattress protector: 2 €/piece
    • duvet: 30,00 €/piece
    • cleaning duvet: 14 €/piece
    • pillow slip: 7,50 €/piece
    • fitted sheet: 13,50 €/piece
    • duvet cover: 30,80 €/piece
    • bath sheet: 19,50 €/piece
    • bath towel: 12,50 €/piece
    • towel: 6,50 €/piece
    • washcloth: 1,50 €/piece
    • kitchen towel: 2,50 €/piece
    4.3. Any damage which is made will be calculated in the settlement of the various costs.


    Lodging expenses - deposit - balance

    5.1. The lodging expenses are including all taxes, except the municipal tourist taxes.
    5.2. Following your reservation request, you will receive an agreement with the payment modalities. The deposit representing 50% of the lodging expenses must be paid at one of the specified bank accounts. It is very important to mention the references on all payments (contract number).
    Attention : The reservation of the accommodation will only be done after receipt the deposit.
    5.3. The balance of 50% plus the warranty and the cost for final cleaning must be paid 30 days before the arrival date at one of the specified bank accounts.
    Attention : The accommodation will only be available on the arrival day after receipt of the balance.
    5.4. For bookings from 30 days before arrival, the total lodging expenses plus the warranty and the cost for final cleaning has to be done in one payment.



      The warranty as mentioned in the accommodation description must be paid at least 30 days before arrival to one of our bank accounts. This warranty will be refunded after deduction of the costs detailed above, as well as any damages, 3 weeks after departure.
    Attention : The indicated warranty amounts are valid for a weekend/midweek or full week stays. For longer periods the requested warranty amount can be higher. This in order to cover higher utility costs.



      It is not possible to cumulate different discounts and vouchers.
    Early booking discounts
  • Reservation more than 4 months before your arrival: 20 %
  • Reservation between 4 months and 2 months before your arrival: 15 %
  • Reservation between 8 weeks and 6 weeks before your arrival: 10 %

  • Last minute discounts
  • Reservation between 6 weeks and 4 weeks before your arrival: 15 %
  • Reservation between 4 weeks and 2 weeks before your arrival: 20 %
  • Reservation between 2 weeks and 1 week before your arrival: 30 %
  • Reservation less than 1 week your arrival: 35 %
  • 8.

    Waste treatment

      The guests undertake to collect their waste in a correct way.
    • All trash and garbage should be emptied. Large garbage bags are available in the house.
    • These garbage bags have to be put into the special waste container.
    • You can find the key of this container in the storage room next to the fuse box.
    • The waste container must be locked again by key after each use.


    Handing over the access code

      On the arrival day you will get a SMS with the access code of the house to the mobile number given by the guest.
    Attention : Make sure you have the mobile phone according to the transferred number with you, because the code is only transmitted during the afternoon on the arrival day and only if full lodging expenses and balance are paid.


    Termination or cancelling of the agreement

      In case of termination or cancelling of the agreement by the guest, the deposit will not be refunded, regardless of the reason of cancellation. Any termination or cancellation of the agreement has to be expressed immediately in writing (letter or mail). In case of cancellation within 30 days of arrival, the totality of the lodging expenses is lost. The landlord reserves himself the right to cancel the agreement at any time in case of unforeseen circumstances. If the payment procedure of the general conditions is not respected by the guest, the landlord retains the right to cancel the booking and keep the payment.


    ResponsIbilities - respect of the environment and neighbourhood

      The guest undertakes to treat the accommodation and its contents in all situations as a good family man. This means closing windows and doors in case of wind/rain, closing the house in case of absence. In the stove should only be burned wood that is available and certainly NO GARBAGE OR PIT-COAL! This will be checked very carefully.
    The landlord may in no case be held responsible for damages caused by the guests during the stay in the house inside and outside the residence.
    NOISE AT NIGHT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! After 10:00 P.M. any night noise is prohibited (Police). Respect your neighbours, please. If the guests have caused any problem with the surrounding neighbours, they will be denied further access to the accommodation : the agreement will become invalid and no pay back of any kind can be claimed.


    Security and privacy

      Outside the housing there is a security camera installed.
    The camera is directed to the street. Images are not permanently stored.


    Competent tribunal

      In case of dispute, only the regional court of Grimbergen is competent.

    The guests declare to have read and understood the above mentioned conditions.
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