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Holiday cottages
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How can I see if a particular house is still available?


In 'Practical Information' you can find a monthly 'Calendar'. The data that which are occupied are shown in red. The available data are shown in green.
Dates of arrival:

  • Weekend: only on Friday
  • Week: on Friday or Monday
  • Midweek: on Monday
  • 2.

    Can I change the length of my stay?


    If you want to prolong the length of your stay, you can first have a look in the "Calendar" if this period is still available. If you have some questions, you can always take contact by the website.


    Can I bring more persons along with me?


    No problem! In each description of the house, the maximum number of beds is indicated. As long as this limit is not exceeded, it is not a problem to bring more people along. The only thing we are asking is to inform us before the arrival.


    Can I print information and details from the website?


    Sure, no problem. On each page you can find a little printer. You just click it and the page is printed.


    Why do I have to pay a guarantee?


    This amount should compensate any damages. If seems that, after checking, nothing is broken or damaged, the guarantee will be repaid within 3 weeks.


    Is it allowed to smoke?


    All houses are non smoking. Of course, feel free to smoke outside a little cigarette, but we are asking to do it safely, and certainly without throwing cigarette butts or matches into the garden. In summer it is dangerous for fire-risk and also for the environment it is not right.


    Can I take my domestic animal?

      Unfortunately not en this only for hygiene reasons. Some people have allergies and therefore there are also no carpets.


    What happens if I break something in the holiday cottage?


    In case something small such as a lamp is broken, please enter it through to the concierge at the time of departure. In case something big such as the dishwasher is broken, please contact immediately the housekeeper so the repair can be arranged.


    Is there internet connection?

      Yes, in each house you have access to free wireless internet.


    Which kitchen equipment is available?

      You can find a summary in the description of each holiday cottage. There is even a separate page with all the kitchen materials.


    What should I not forgotten?

  • Herbs for the kitchen
  • For each bed : Fitted sheet (90x200 cm) - Pillow-slip (60x60 cm) - Duvet cover (140x200 cm)
  • Bath linen
  • Kitchen linen
  • Dish-cloth and dish-sponge
  • Detergent
  • Tablets for the dishwasher
  • Kindling for the stove
  • Toilet paper
  • Matches
  • Filters for the coffee machine
  • Baking paper for the baking plate (this saves you extra cleaning work)
  • Any medicine
  • 12.

    What if I forgot sheets or towels?


    No problem ! In each house there are a few sets of bed and bath linen. You can just take and use them. If there are no sufficient of sets, just give a call to the housekeeper. You can find his telephone number in the information map. You leave them into the house at your departure. The rate for this extra service will be calculated only by using them.


    Do I have to clean the house when leaving?


    No, it is sufficient that you tidy up the house. At the' description of each house you can find the amount for the final cleaning. We prefer to do the final cleaning ourselves so that any guest can start holidays in a good mood. There will be cleaning supplies in the house so that if an accident happens, you can just use a mop.


    What should I do when there is no electricity?


    First of all make sure that the main switch beside the front door is switched ON. If yes, check if no fuse has blown. The fuse box is located in the storage room. When no fuses are blown, check if there is electricity in the other houses. If there is, please take contact with the housekeeper.


    Do I have to sort the rubbish?


    No, sorting is not necessary. There are rubbish bags in each house which have to be dropped in the private rubbish container. The key of the container is at the side of the fuse box in the storage room. We just asking you to lock the container again after use.


    Who can help me if I have some questions?


    In each house there is a folder available with all useful information, tips and attractions. In the kitchen, there is a short manual for the equipment. On Saturday the housekeeper will visit you to give all necessary information. You can also ask him more information concerning the curiosity and attractions.

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