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The history of Bomal goes far back in time. In the 12th century Bomal was known as "Boumela". This name has evolved through centuries to its present form. There are different opinions about the meaning of the name, because several origins are possible. The most cited meanings are "court of the war fighters 'and' the hill of crows".


There are also discoveries made from different ages. There is even a prehistoric cave on the territory of Bomal in which many archeological study have been done. The Romans as well as the Franks have left evidence behind of their presence in the rich soils of Bomal and environment. Furthermore also the turbulent time of the Middle Ages left their mark on Bomal.


Throughout the late Middle Ages Bomal belonged to different graves. This was the reason that the territory split several times until in the early 18th century it finally became the property of the lords of Cassal and Haymes, which will be the last lords until the revolution. It was one of the lords of Haymes, Jean-Baptiste de Haymes, who built the present castle between 1774 and 1776. After the French revolution, Bomal was on the territory of France but was annexed by the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815, after the fall of Napoleon. In 1831, shortly after the Belgian Revolution, Bomal was included in the present province of Luxembourg. Bomal is now one of the 12 districts which constitute together Durbuy.

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